Raiders of Spanish Peaks

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Laramie Nelson and partners Lonesome Mulhall and Ted „Tracks” Williams work their way out to eastern Colorado to Spanish Peaks Ranch. There they meet a family from Ohio that has come west to start a new life and hopefully allow the husband and father to get well in the high and dryer climate. They purchase a ranch and then are in the process of loosing everything. As they soon find out, though, this deserted fort is equally suited for both protection and imprisonment. In fact, they’ve been swindled into buying the longtime headquarters and hideout for a band of thieves and rustlers. Laramie, Lonesome and Tracks want to save this family. But in a place where there is no law but the law of the gun, can they? First published in 1938, the greatest writer of the American West, Zane Grey, brings a classic tale of drama on the frontier. „Raiders of Spanish Peaks” is a thrilling tale of a how a man’s home is truly his castle.

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