Catalogue of the Tibetan Texts in the Pander Collection: Part A (complete) and Part B (Partial)

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The publication contains a catalog of Tibetan texts in the Pander collection held by the Jagiellonian Library. As in every catalogue, authors present here all indispensable elements for a catalogue such as title, author, place and year of writing, scribe, description etc. by their abbreviations. In traditional Tibetan works all of this information is given at the end in a colophon. Therefore, we extracted and copied all the colophons found in these works. Often in prayers they were missing. Also the fact that a text has a colophon does not mean that it contains all the necessary information for cataloguing. Pander materials actually prove that in traditional Tibetan publications dates and places are less important than scribes and those who requested or sponsored the composition of a text. While preparing this catalogue for the Pander collection, Pander A and a part of Pander B, kept in the Jagiellonian Library in Cracow, authors were able to compare it with several different catalogues as well as with a manuscript list of the Pander collection found at Staatsbibliothek in Berlin.

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